Feeling numbers

We always have feelings about something. Easy to say when I’m referring to it emotionally.

But what about having feelings for numbers?

We are talking about having number sense here. A good intuition about numbers. And how exactly do we define having a good intuition about numbers? (Howden, 1989)


– Understanding the size of numbers

– thinking of different ways to represent numbers

– using numbers as referents

– Develop acute perceptions about the effects of operations and numbers.

In my opinion, ultimately, it really depends on the exposure the child has to mathematics. To possess number sense, the child would have to experience different forms of mathematics.

According to Bruner’s theory on Enactive representation, children should be provided with opportunities to “act out” these concepts and of course this is referring to the concrete part of CPA.

These would allow children more exposure, thus nurturing the number sense.



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