The right start to Math.

This evening, I learnt that I have been taught Math in MY early days, in ways we wouldn’t do to our children today.


At first I felt cheated. I felt that I could have embraced math a lot more in the past as compared to my feelings for math right now. Finding out that the methods taught to me when I was in Primary school were not appropriate for me at that point was really disappointing. Moving forward, I guess the good thing would be that Now I know I will not repeated the same mistakes made.

My take home today was the point made about ENRICHMENT. (The discussion after the quiz)

It really emphasized on Jerome Bruner’s point on providing children with CONCRETE experiences, followed by, PICTORIAL experiences and of course at the very end, introducing the ABSTRACT experiences.


I do agree very much that these 3 representations ARE of utmost importance. The guide the children systematically in their learning and at their pace. To either scaffold or to challenge.

I guess right now, no point dwelling in the past but to move forward and to provide a right start to Mathematics for the young ones in our care.



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