Reliving the Math-ness.

Never thought i would have to deal with this in a million years! But then again, who am I kidding, I’ll probably look back at this when I have to be the one guiding my daughter and thank God that I once in my life I went through this module.

My Impression of MATHEMATICS before start of class


Surprisingly, it was an enlightening night of mind boggling math problems and the thrill of hearing group after group squeal when they scream ‘GOT IT!’.

But most importantly my take home points:

A) Mathematics was NEVER about memorization.

Really? oh mann, that was how I probably scored in mathematics ever. Spent most of my PSLE and O’Level days doing that.

B) Sharing helps us cultivate a habit of mind: to become critical thinkers, have new insights to what we might not have thought of before, and to go beyond what we already know.

Never thought about sharing in this way. It was always just talking about what I thought. Really gave an insight to how we should also listen to ourselves and to be critical towards our own thinking.

C) and of course, the THEORIES.

My fav would be Zoltan Dienes, to understand that it all begins with PLAY! I guess I learn best through hands-on and play is the best way to go about it with children. With that said, the rest of the theories are of course, all important.

Well. Math is definitely not my cup of tea. But who knows, I may relive the madness that I’ve tossed out the window years ago and give it another shot.

My impression of Mathematics AFTER class


Truly awe-inspiring.


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